Looping Fellowship for Teachers (application deadline extended to August 1st!)

  • We are passionate about improving every whole-child outcome for every student in our class.
  • We are passionate about teaching the same students next year.
  • We are passionate about bringing looping to our schools.
  • We are passionate about sharing best teaching practices with other excellent teachers.
  • We are passionate about being compensated for our time and skills.

If these qualities sound like you, apply for a $1,000 Looping Award.

  1. Looping is shown to have statistically significant, positive state assessment outcomes†. For children, looping is associated with improved student attendance and behavior†. For teachers, looping is associated with improved retention, increased instructional time, and greater job satisfaction†.
  2. Looping teachers enthusiastically commit to teaching a substantially similar cohort in the next grade level (80% or more of students must be the same year-to-year to complete fellowship).
  3. Looping teachers receive a letter of recommendation and commitment from the administrator who makes staffing decisions at their school to loop to the next grade with a substantially similar cohort.